Very funny indeed

Three Weeks
August 2010
Andrew  Leask

This documentary ranges quickly over Sweeney’s childhood, spending most of its running time on his performing career as a renowned improviser – including his stint on ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ – before ending on his Multiple Sclerosis, which eventually led to his retirement from performing in 2007. It’s an interesting story, and comments from colleagues such as Izzard, Merton and Proops – not to mention Sweeney himself – ensure that it’s also very funny indeed. It manages to walk a fine line between showing respect and admiration for the man’s life and work without descending into cloying sentimentality. Though this was a one-off showing, the DVD will be available to buy online: all profits go to MS charities.

tw rating: 4/5
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Best Experimental Film Award

Short film Friday written by Jim Sweeney received Best Experimental Film at the Limelight Film Awards last Thursday, 8 July 2010.

The hypnotic rhythms of her call-centre script have twisted one woman’s sanity. Her fragile grip on the real world is about to be pushed even further.

Friday is included on the DVD as Bonus Material.